Guinea Pig Island

1It’s been hot here the last few days. Spence said when he walked past the pigs a few days ago, Penny was all sprawled out in the cage, belly flat on the ground, legs in every direction. He took this to mean she was hot and suggested we move the pen downstairs where it’s cooler. I loved this idea because I prefer all the critters to be together anyway and in our general vicinity. The only reason the pigs were upstairs was because they’re in an enormous cage that had to go on the floor and since we have two terriers, we knew we had to keep them all separated.

When it came time to actually bring the pig house downstairs and set it up, it turned out to be a total pain in the ass. The cage they live in is huge and unruly. Four feet by two feet. And I never have a clear appreciation for how much space that takes up until I try to fit the cage somewhere.

Also, to add to the pain, we live in a state of unsettledness. We live surrounded by unpacked boxes. It’s such a drag. We’re looking for a house without a lot of luck—it’s definitely a seller’s market. So we’re not thrilled with our living arrangements anyway. So many unpacked boxes.

I come down with the pig cage and I’m fumbling around with where I think it’s going to go—on top of the coffee table. Well, it’s not wide enough to securely hold the cage. If both pigs run to one side, it would likely tip over. I got frustrated quickly. I had no idea where else the cage could go and was about to just take it back upstairs and put a fan in the room or something.

That’s when Spence jumped into action. He started pulling the various coffee tables together to try and create a solid base for the cage. When we thought we had something together, we realized it was in the middle of the room and Spence sat on the couch to see if we could see the television over the cage. “We can’t see the tv over guinea pig island,” he said, which cracked me up. Then he had the bright idea to set the tables up against the opposite wall, pushing them against the wall to make them even more sturdy. Brilliant. The location and set up was perfect. However, he then proceeded to stack boxes and painting around guinea pig island so that there was no way for the dogs to get access to the pigs.

As we were working on relocating the pigs, I said, “Spence, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you helping me bring the pigs downstairs.” He brushed it off as no big deal. 

But, seriously, he reconfigured the entire living space so the guinea pigs could be in a cooler area and he doesn’t care that the pigs are taking up a quarter of our living room. 

There’s all these memes about “Find a man who looks at you like you’re the only person on earth,” etc. etc. Those are great, but I would suggest, “Find a man who will give up a huge part of his living room to guinea pig island and also happily help you create the island.” 


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